Teredo the hydraulic drilling work has its leader in quality and reliability

Teredo Srl is a leading company in Italy in the production of machines and equipment for the drilling of the underground.
His know how accumulated in 25 years of experience and its technological equipment allowed to become in time a benchmark for the construction of hydraulic drilling rigs of small and medium size ranging from 2 to 20 tons of weight.

Different are the categories of companies who turn to Teredo:

- Technical studies that operate in the field of geognostic and geotechnical engineering investigations
- Organizations engaged in the research of underground fluids and geothermal works
- Firms specialized in ground consolidation and special foundation
- Businesses that require drilling in quarries

The mission of Teredo is the same that gives it spirit since its inception: to create simple machines, practical, robust, economic and above all, reliable, with a good value for money.
A choice that allowed it to develop over time and represent a benchmark for business customers even in times of severe economic crisis.