Drilling machines

Geotechnical works

In the last years, is felt even more strongly by the construction companies and professional studies in geology the need to move towards the modelling of the underground for accurate sizing of the foundation structures.
In this sense the Teredo has focused heavily on maximizing and improving the range of hydraulic probes in order to satisfy all requests from the soil investigations and under hearth analysis such as:

• Investigation in continuous coring barrels and core-boring system
• Bore analysis: automatic SPT with digital display
• Installation of geotechnical instrumentation
• collection of cores undisturbed and not

Besides the geotechnical investigation the Teredo drillers meet another area which is becoming more topical: the environmental research and soil pollutant monitoring.
Regarding to that the accurate and reliable machines Teredo allow in the best way:


• the soil samples for laboratory testing
• the installation of piezometers

Drilling machines